Welcome to Banana Jams! I am Hannah, owner, and designer. We are honored to have you here and share in our passion for stylish, sustainable, spirited clothing for your little ones.

I am a Kansas City mama of 3, a seasoned wedding planner, and a design enthusiast. After having my second boy, I struggled to find simple onesies without the frills of firetrucks or woodland animals. Most companies bragged about being extremely soft, but the fabric was thin and wouldn’t survive the wear and tear of my busy babe.

Our pajamas boast a simple design pattern allowing our durable and comfortable fabric to speak for itself.

We play mostly on color to bring a unique flare to any wardrobe, focusing on fun combinations suitable for all stages, ages, and genders.

We also feel passionate about respecting our resources. Our material, a bamboo stretch French terry cloth, not only keeps baby cozy and comfortable but contributes to our sustainability mission and provides a clean planet for our little’s to grow up in.

I am proud that our brand was established and designed using local KC businesses, and we source all of our supplies in North America. We are a small women-owned business dedicated to supporting other women in pursuing their passions and dreams.

Thank you for your support and confidence in outfitting your little ones. We can’t wait to see them in their Banana Jams.

Don’t forget to use our hashtag #mybananajam to share!!