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      Bonus Bananas are our zero-waste product. As part of our mission for sustainability, we collect all of the previous years "leftovers" - fabric, zippers, and snaps that were a result of over-ordering or liberal trimming - to create a collection of pajamas at a discounted price. 

      All of these jams are made with the same sizing, cozy and soft fabric, in Kansas City by local mamas. You will get the same quality you have become accustomed to in our other collections. 

      The only difference is that the color combinations are unpredictable and styled in a "patchwork" look. When you order, you can select your size and preference for cuff v. footie but the colors will be completely randomized. If you have a gender preference, you can leave us a note and we will do our best to fulfill that but cannot be guaranteed. 

      We are so excited about this collection and know that you will still love the color blocked style and how many new colors we are able to incorporate when we are left with the freedom to mix/match. 

      Enjoy your jams while you contribute to our mission of zero-waste!! 

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